A State-of-the-Art, Strategic Platform for Asset Finance

Cassiopae’s technology platform helps you lower costs by operating the same core system across business lines and sites using shared servers, databases, resources, and vendors. Incorporate the software changes you need more quickly and cost-effectively.

Technology Architecture Overview


Cassiopae is a fully web-based, Rich Internet, multi-tier application that leverages open and industry-standard technology. Object-oriented, Cassiopae delivers best-in-class configurability. Highly-enabled interfacing capabilities through web services translate into less redundant data entry and a decreased need for maintaining information in multiple systems. Scale the software as your business grows and deploy to thousands of users without any decrease of online performance. At the core of Cassiopae’s asset finance solutions is a powerful billing and financial accounting engine capable of processing millions of items in a single day end.

Optimized, Web-Based User Interface

With a portal-like, web-based user interface, Cassiopae delivers an intuitive user experience for quicker adoption. Wizards and Workflow guide users. Seamless front to back data entry decreases production and IT administration costs. Pre-fill quotes and integrate document generation and reporting.  Deploy new products and services more quickly using Cassiopae’s ability to configure page content down to the field level by product type and user profile.

Truly Global

All national regulations are incorporated into the Cassiopae solution and no additional software is required. The Cassiopae solution was designed from the ground up to be multi-language, multi-currency and with distribution channels. All this on a single platform.

Workflow Oriented

Cassiopae was designed with workflow in mind. Better manage tasks and events with highly-configurable workflow features. Define business rules and processes by business type and product. Create user to do lists that optimize your organization’s workload. Integrate documents and their management. Set the levels of control you need to ensure reliable and timely information processing. Take a look at the overview to see the results with integrated dashboards and reports.

Open Technology

Cassiopae’s open standards architecture including Oracle running on Unix®, Linux, and Windows® and a set of standard SOAP-based web services to communicate with external applications, means easier integration into corporate IT. Consolidate local information and analyze global customers remotely. Reduce internal development cycles and IT system complexity. Even propose self-serve portals to external parties such as dealers using our set of standard web services. Our N Tiers architecture is fully Java EE compliant.