Robust, Point-of-Sales Pricing Tool for Non-Experts

Freehand is a comprehensive pricing tool designed to be used by field sales staff, intermediaries and vendors. Fast and versatile, it can be quickly and inexpensively adapted to suit any sales situation. Freehand is designed for non-expert users needing an easy to use lease, loan or HP evaluation tool.

  • Simple data entry screens and quick quote calculation
  • Flexibility for more complex finance options
  • Management control over parameters and features
  • Document completion reporting and contract completion
  • CCA compliant including latest regulatory changes
  • Optional post-tax lease calculations
Calculation Engine

Freehand’s calculation engine has become part of many of our clients’ internal and customer-facing processes. The engine gives clients full control over all aspects of the calculation and provides:

  • Continuity of pricing from very front to very back end of the business process
  • No need for expensive and lengthy development and testing processes
  • No worries about maintenance and the availability of scarce skilled resource, as Field Solutions continue to maintain the engine for legislative and regulatory requirements