Cassiopae SaaS

Lending & Leasing Software in the Cloud

Get world-class lease and loan management with less stress on IT and financial resources. Cassiopae SaaS reflects the expertise we’ve gained over 26 years in asset finance technology. It’s a faster, focused way to automate your small to medium sized operations. Manage multiple loan and leasing types with one system, for one monthly subscription. Cassiopae SaaS can grow and change with your business. It’s accessible anywhere, secure, and affordable.

Cassiopae SaaS

Benefits of Cassiopae SaaS
  • Quicker setup
  • Faster user adoption
  • Better use of IT resources
  • Lower up-front investment
  • Anywhere, mobile accessibility
  • Pay for what you use
  • Seamless integration
  • Frequent, worry-free upgrades
  • Cassiopae monitoring and maintenance
  • Dedicated SaaS support team
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Data security and audit
Cassiopae SaaS

Front-to-Back Loan & Lease Management
  • Actors management – Manage clients and suppliers, include roles and advanced features such as provision calculations
  • Deal creation – Quickly create deals with easy access to your asset catalog
  • Financial quotation – Streamline quote process from requested amount, to rate, schedule, services and collaterals
  • Proposal management – Analyze financial proposals and manage workflow checklists & prerequisites 
  • Contract management – Origination and back-office workflow from signature to invoice, payables, disbursement, billing, collection, amendments, third-party reassignments, and contract end
  • Accounting – Manage end of day processing, G/L interface, and accounting entries
  • Task management – Gain productivity with to-do lists and agendas
  • Document production and tracking
  • Analytics and reporting – Get business data with over 15 standard reports
Overall Functional Scope of Cassiopae

Overall Functional Scope of Cassiopae, SaaS