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Frankfurt am Main, 19th December 2017 – Sopra Banking Software, trusted partner of many banks all over the world, announces that Prospery, subsidiary of ABN AMRO N.V., is using the platform “Direct Banking on Saas” to run its unique digital wealth management proposition in Germany. Thanks to its innovative features, Prospery offers a unique digital customer experience combined with personalised approach.

Prospery is an outstanding platform that enables the customer to achieve their life goals such as pension savings, buying a holiday home, and paying for their children’s education, through proper wealth management with the help of the latest technologies. It combines the advantages of robo-advisors and human contact with a personal coach. One can not only benefit from individual sessions on optimal wealth management with a real coach, but also can access their account and the coach outside the traditional bank opening hours from anywhere in the world via live video sessions. What’s more, Prospery is the only Fintech in Germany that offers its products and services for a fixed fee independently of investment volume. ABN AMRO supports its subsidiary with its knowledge and expertise, thanks to which Prospery can offer institutional prices to its customers for its revolutionary services.

Omar el Khamlichi, COO of Prospery says: “Sopra Banking Software is really a solution for ABN AMRO Bank in a broader perspective. We are happy Sopra helped us deliver our proposition to the market with their Direct banking on SaaS. Sopra Banking provides a rich, unique and reliable SaaS banking solution. But above all Sopra shows exceptional commitment and involvement as a true partner. This made it possible to launch our digital wealth manager in Germany.”

Prospery is the first digital player in Europe to deliver such a comprehensive digital wealth management proposition.

Eric Bierry, Global Head of Sales and Professional Services of Sopra Banking Software says: “Sopra Banking Software is glad to empower Prospery with its Direct Banking on SaaS solution: This platform is a unique combination of digital services and human approach in the domain of wealth management that provides an optimum customer experience”.