Cassiopae Lending & Leasing

World-Class Loan and Leasing Software

Cassiopae loan and leasing software is a front to back, global, multi asset class solution built with strategic technology. Use one system for commercial lending, consumer finance, auto finance and fleet management, equipment finance, real estate finance, and asset and property management. An intuitive web-based interface delivers accessibility and speeds adoption. Integrated workflow streamlines processes. Unparalleled configuration makes it easier to reflect your specific business. Today, Cassiopae’s single software package is managing more types of finance products in more countries than any other solution on the market.

One Product, Multiple Solutions

Commercial LendingEquipment FinanceConsumer FinanceReal Estate FinanceAuto Finance & Fleet ManagementReal Estate Asset & Property Management

Here you will find some of the added value features that are common to all Cassiopae V4 solutions. To learn more about what’s new at Cassiopae about Company Credits, equipment leasing, car leasing, real estate financing or how our leasing and credit software can be used in your business, please contact us.

Any Finance Product, Any Asset, Anywhere
  • Multiple product types: leases (finance lease, operating lease, full service, tax lease, …), hire purchase and loans (annuity, term, revolver, …)
  • Any assets (vehicle, real estate, equipment) owned, funded, managed
  • Multi lingual, multi-countries, multi-currency, multi-portfolio, multi-GAAP
  • Localization: taxes (depreciation, VAT, …), addresses, units (sq. ft, m2, …), payment (ACH,…)
Best-in-Class Flexibility
  • Configurable workflow, task management and data control per product type
  • Configurable pricing engine per product type
  • Flexible quotation and credit approval processes with automated and/or manual credit analysis
  • Configure delegation of authority to propose/approve in credit management hierarchy
  • Quote and manage very basic to very complex deal structure with facilities and tranches
  • On balance sheet, off balance sheet, third party servicing, SPV management
  • Database design enables complex relations between deals, actors and assets
Front-to-Back Processing
  • All contract processing stages: origination to termination, asset sold or remarketed
  • All contract related data: actors, assets, equipment, guarantees, insurance…
  • Integrated front-to-back processing in a unique data store
  • The richest financial computing engine in the industry
  • Standard roll back function on all events
Secured Processing & Audit
  • Event-driven processing, with two validation phases, conditional authorizations and “4-eyes” control
  • Comprehensive audit trail through online event history reports