Human Resource Policies


To attract and retain the best talent, Cassiopae’s corporate culture centers on:

  • Commitment
  • Solidarity
  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Initiative
  • Transversality

We strive to create a work environment that fosters these ideals while pursuing excellence at all levels. We work in teams that cross functions, skill levels, and organizational ranks. We encourage and value great ideas.

Integration & Training

Once you join Cassiopae, our Human Resource team and your manager will arrange your custom integration and follow-up interviews. You will learn about the company’s activities and begin working alongside your new colleagues. At Cassiopae, you will work with constantly evolving technology and industry requirements. In this context, training is one of the key ways we help employees optimize skills and pilot meaningful careers. Whether it’s building product knowledge, developing additional project management skills, or gaining international experience, we will work with you to optimize your career training.  An annual review process helps us assess progress and set new goals for the coming year.

Talent Development

Cassiopae will help you build a career that leverages your signature strengths. We will give you the resources and a multitude of opportunities to develop your professional expertise in the finance, technology, or real estate industries. You will work with the latest technology and top tools for creating, collaborating, and communicating. A career with Cassiopae will provide you daily options to take on new challenges and make good use of your passions.


Cassiopae’s remuneration policy strives to balance fair compensation for skills, market practices, and incentives for individual and collective performance. In addition to competitive salaries, our employees receive additional benefits including savings and insurance plans in keeping with those widely offered in a particular state, country, or region. We are happy to review these benefits with you during the recruiting process.

Environmental Policy

Cassiopae is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business activities. In keeping with this goal, the company endeavors to meet or exceed all relevant environmental regulations. We routinely evaluate our operations to identify ways to improve environmental efficiency. We work to raise awareness of environmental issues and we enlist staff support to help improve our company’s environmental performance. Cassiopae encourages recycling. We endorse the use of electronic documents and paperless communications. We advance environmentally-friendly behaviors in our interactions with customers and suppliers, wherever possible. In terms of travel we use trains and other forms of low emission public transport wherever practical in visiting clients and prospects.


Cassiopae is an equal opportunity employer. Our recruiting process is carried out in a climate of trust and respect. During our phone and face-to-face interviews, we endeavor to gain an understanding of your unique abilities, past accomplishments, and potential for development. Our goal is to determine whether we will make a good match for today and can both see a promising future together.


As a fast-growing company, we know the advantages of being agile. Cassiopae offers opportunities to move to different roles within the company, locally and internationally. Develop your potential through experiences in development, systems infrastructure, hosting, or project management. With clients in over 35 countries, skilled employees have options to work in positions outside of their native geography too. As implementation projects come to an end, new opportunities present themselves for getting involved in other projects, in other locations, and in new roles. Having a mobile mindset enriches the ability of our of our employees to gain skills and perspectives that are valuable to Cassiopae and to our clients.

Openness & Diversity

We are a welcoming company that employs a wide variety of candidates. Cassiopae’s business activities such as hiring, training, compensation, promotions, transfers, and terminations are conducted without discrimination based on nationality, color, genetics, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or status as a protected class. We are open to differences and welcome diversity.

Opportunities and Promotions

Multiple paths are open to you as a Cassiopae
employee. There are many bridges connecting
consulting, executives, project management,
technical or functional expertise, information
architecture, business and human resource
administration. These bridges will help you
navigate and build a career that’s tailor made for your unique skills.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a global company with a primary goal of increasing value for our stakeholders. We recognize that stakeholder value is maximized through fair and responsible behavior and operations. In order to achieve our goal, we adhere to relevant legal and ethical guidelines with regard to customers, employees, suppliers, and society. We strive to manage customer relationships with high-integrity and provide information that enables customers to make good decisions regarding the choices available to them. We create a fair, respectful work environment. We take responsibility for facilitating the professional growth of individual employees. We work with suppliers to maximize value, honestly and fairly. We seek to give back to our global community by being aware of social and environmental issues and participating in their improvement as appropriate.