Property Management

Industry-Leading Property Management Software

Cassiopae’s industry-leading Real Estate solution enables you to better manage real estate properties for all types of control (owner, leaseholder, managing agent) and all types of occupancy (residential, business and offices).

  • Sales information and vacancies
  • Accounting information
  • Property management
  • Construction
  • Asset management
  • Mandates
  • Taxation and VAT
Asset and Rental Lease Management

Architecture Based on Investors and Ownership Status
  • Optimized servicing agreement management
  • Integrated rental lease management for any type of  ownership (owner services, lessee, servicing agreement)
  • Management of ownership titles
  • Management of intra-group accounting and cash flow
Fully Integrated, Real Time Accounting System
  • Powerful system set-up, best of breed solution for expense management
  • Automated G/L feed from asset & property management modules and full multi-currency support
  • Efficiency gains and security of batches performed
Event Driven Solution
  • Global event processing including accounting impact of business events, removing human errors
  • Workflow, checks and full audit trail
Full Tax Management
  • Optimized servicing agreement management
  • Tax localization per country (VAT, Income Tax, percentage of distribution)
  • Taxes on property sold , on companies
  • Automatic link between bills and deposits significantly increases efficiency
Performance Module for Budget and Work Management
  • Automatic link between budget(s), expense management, and call for charges (property management or syndication)