Fund Management

Integrated Fund Management

Cassiopae Real Estate is the world’s first software to manage all types of real estate funds in one system. The aim is to meet the needs of investment companies that demand integrated IT systems to carry out the complex financial modeling required by all stakeholders. With Cassiopae Real Estate, you can use a single system to manage company, property, asset, rental contract,  loan, and borrow funds.

Feature Highlights
  • Define holding structure models for even the most complex fund
  • Monitor the performance of each of your assets and make accurate forecasts
  • Compare the contribution of these vehicles to your funds’ performance
  • Analyze real-time information consolidation
  • Integrate actual results with comparison against forecasts
  • Run strategic simulations at all levels (vehicle, fund, holding company, etc.), incorporating all fiscal and legal constraints
  • Generate standardized reports and analysis
Fund Structuring Example