Debt Management

One System for Real Estate Debt & Equity

Real estate has changed significantly. In addition to managing rental contract and assets, companies now may also be managing debt and equity. Correspondents need anywhere access to deal information. Deal terms are more complex. Accounting standards are more rigorous. Portfolios can contain multiple loan and lease products. Business may be in one region or many.

Cassiopae offers a front-to-back solution with integrated property management features. Manage and service straightforward or complex loan/borrow products with virtually any type of structure. Cassiopae’s loan/borrow debt management software streamlines all aspects of real estate servicing including:

  • Loan/borrow entry and processing
  • Loan/borrow administration
  • Adjustable loan/borrow processing
  • Escrow processing
  • Reserves
  • Billing
  • Investor reporting
  • Asset management
  • Business process management
  • Covenant tracking
  • G/L posting
  • Construction loans/borrow
  • Construction budget monitoring
  • Interest reserve management
  • Sales tracking


With a robust accounting engine at its core, Cassiopae leverages industry-standard technology for the flexibility, ease-of-use, interfacing and scalability today’s real estate finance businesses demand.

Front-End Deal Tracking
  • Deal entry via web
  • Document management
  • Credit committee documents
  • Seamless transfer to accounting and servicing
  • Summary or detailed expenses
  • Construction budget tracking
  • Comprehensive lease management
  • Complete expense management
  • Budgeting
Back Office Asset Management
  • Multiple accounting basis including IFRS
  • Rental contract and loan/borrow management
  • Financial statements
  • Upload of annual property evaluations
  • Segmentation accounting
  • Escrow management
  • Syndications
Cassiopae Software Features