Asset Management

Software That Maximizes Asset Value from Acquisition to Sale

Cassiopae Real Estate helps companies optimize real estate portfolios and improve strategic and operational decisionmaking.  With Cassiopae, investors can maximize asset value from acquisition to sale, encompassing all aspects of the asset management life cycle. Standard asset management features include occupancy, expense, and integrated debt management. Manage inter-company loans, external funding including structured funding, loan types, borrows, hedges and swaps.

Use Cassiopae Real Estate as a powerful decision tool for analyzing property investment, risk, forecast simulation and asset valuation. Create cash flow statements and forecasted P&L, from the asset to the consolidated company view, using one software solution and database. Use Cassiopae’s property management features or incorporate property information from other sources such as an Excel.

Feature Highlights

  • Develop business plans by asset, company and portfolio
  • Create alternative scenarios and measure performance
  • Build real-time portfolio simulations
  • Analyze indicators and results
  • Verify the success of completed plans
Cassiopae Integrated Asset Management