Cassiopae Gateway

More Than Mobile, A Valuable New Connection for Improving Lease and Loan Transactions

In today’s mobile business environment, your clients expect fast service including quick quotes and streamlined credit approvals. Mobile apps provide part of the solution with speedy calculators and quotations. Cassiopae Gateway does more. It embraces mobile technology to create a valuable two-way connection throughout the entire transaction, from quotation, to loan and lease management, to end of term.

With Cassiopae Gateway, you can deliver key product cycle information to your mobile point of sale devices. From the latest rates to settlement figures with expiry dates, your teams have the access they need to close the sale or address a customer issue. Cassiopae Gateway leverages the connection to pull in valuable end-user information so it can be incorporated into workflows and management dashboards. A new lease term negotiated in the field now adds intelligence to your entire operation. You increase compliance, as well as extend your ability to process a secured transaction out into the field, closer to your customer.

With Cassiopae Gateway, leasing and lending are faster and smarter across tablets, mobile phones and desktops.

Benefits of Cassiopae Gateway
  • Enables anywhere, mobile accessibility
  • Adds operational control
  • Makes compliance easier
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Contributes to staff retention
  • Brings high-value data into the enterprise
  • Improves reporting
  • Enhances ROI
  • Provides co-branding opportunities

Technology Highlights
  • Web service enabled on the device
  • Native user interface: native capabilities, push notification, offline mode, …
  • Component Library reduces development time
  • Leverages better app patterns such as MVC, Model-View-Controller
  • Works with MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions
  • Email and synchronization services
  • Works on or off line
  • Multiple language and currency support
  • Device independent